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Best in finding Vulnerability.

We are experts in the field of Cyber Security. We provide Ethical Hacking services, promotion of website security coupled with the enhancement of their performance. You can hire us as a consultant for your maximum internet security, We are professionals with proven skills and lots of good testimonies.

Should you need any of the aforementioned services and their relations, O-range Cyber Security is the rightful company to do it for you. Be assured of a refund when our service is unsatisfactory, you have nothing to fear in this space. Your satisfaction and continuous patronization are our priority.

Coy Emerald, Head Of Security


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Security services

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Vulnerability Scanning

Our scanners use a constantly updated database engine that holds millions of vulnerability...

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Directory Enumeration

From brute force to AI powered directory scanning. We discover and enumerate all directories in scope...

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Zero Day to Everyday

With our powerful AI scanning techniques, We have found thousands of...

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Business Wide Coverage

whether your business has one device or a thousand devices, we guarantee to run a thorough...

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The Ultimate Solution

We offer a complete package that utilizes EVERY tool in our arsenal. including extensions...

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